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From fragrance of aroma you can choose from 3 to 4 kinds of your favorite fragrance according to the condition of the day from among about 20 essential oils.
  • Information on aroma beauty salon

    Beauty salon staff will visit your room.
    While leisurely surrounded by the scent of aroma in the room, spend the moment of bliss, please rest at ease as it is after the treatment.

    Duration from 16:00 to 24:00(Last reception 20:00)
    For reservations and inquiries, please contact the front desk.
    • course list
      • Foot course
        Undo both sides of thighs ~ ankle.
        It is effective for swollen foot, fatigue, chilling.
        Time required
        40 minutes
        \ 7,000(tax included)
      • Body course
        Treatment of the arm, décolleté, head around the back, it is recommended for the stiff shoulders.
        Time required
        40 minutes
        \ 7,000(tax included)
      • Face course
        Face treatment with original essential oil which is considered good for beautiful skin.It restores your skin's moisture, moisture.
        Time required
        40 minutes
        \ 7,000(tax included)
      • Select course
        ① Foot + Facial
        ② Body + facial
        ③ Foot + body

        Please select your favorite course from the above.
        Time required
        60 minutes
        \ 10,000(tax included)
      • Total treatment course
        Foot ~ body ~ whole body treatment entirely treatment.How about rewarding to yourself who is doing your best on a daily basis?
        Time required
        100 minutes
        \ 16,000(tax included)
    • Aroma Beauty Salon

      To the front desk
      Business hours
      From 16:00 to 24:00(Last reception 20:00)


※Those who are pregnant or have a possibility of it, those with visceral disease · visceral thrombus, those with food allergies, those within two months after surgery can not be accepted.
※Please make payment in cash in the room.
※If you have a course with facials, please complete makeup before treatment.
※As the number of people who can be treated per day is limited, we recommend booking as soon as possible.