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  • Restaurant "UBUDO"

    Every morning, we prepared rich seafood ingredients that will be landed in the Inatori Fishing Port, including the Kinmei that the sea of Izu Inatori Fishing Port grew up in the area.
    Maine, Kinme sea bream of the helmet steamed and domestic cattle Inatori Specialty that steamed in the hotel the original vessel.
    SAZANA food crafts can enjoy a variety of dishes prepared very hard.
    • Japanese Food Course
      SAZANA offers Japanese course using various Izu ingredients throughout the four seasons.Each one is a dish that the original taste of material is condensed.
      Please enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine of gem taste of spring, summer autumn winter with five senses.
      • ◇Seafood abalone steak course(Japanese Food)◇



        八 sizing

        Seasonal inclusion


        6 seasons of fresh fish

        Pan pot

        Kimme sea bream seasonal warmth

        Local Cuisine

        Simmered boiled kimme sea bream

        Things on board

        Ise prawn cold running

        Simmered dishes

        Shiba cooked together

        Fried food

        Deep fried season

        Medium dish

        Broiled abalone with yellow soy sauce


        Used rice Koshihikari·Soup·Pickled Vegetables


        Seasonal dessert
    • Various cooking course
      Shinyu no Yado SAZANA offers various cooking course.
      Please taste the sense of the resort up a notch while tasting a variety of dishes that made use of locally produced fresh and seasonal ingredients.
    • Restaurant "UBUDO"

      Business hours
      ◆Dinner time: 17: 30/18: 00/19: 30
      ※Last Order 20: 30
      ◆Breakfast time: 7: 30/8: 00/8: 30

      ◆Seating 40 seats
      ◆All seats non-smoking seat
  • SAZANA specialty Kimme SAZANA grilled beef steak

  • Kozushima Course

  • Toshima Course